1. I have a friend that ended up in prison on a really shabby case. I know for a fact that his lawyer was incompetent in a lot of ways, because I ended up working for him right after that, and quitting within two months because he did such a shabby job with people who had hired him. He was most definitely taking cases that were above his pay grade. When G. got a divorce, his angry wife and her two teen age daughters that were from another relationship accused him of molesting them. The evidence was garbage, and the judge closed down every avenue this guy tried to go down to prove that this absolutely was not true — mainly, I think, because the lawyer G. hired insulted the judge more than once. Is there nothing that can be done? His case was appealled, but denied..We are in Oklahoma, and its really, really hard to get a new trial. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    — Bird

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