About Claim Your Innocence

My name is Anabel i’m the Founder and Ceo of Claim your Innocence.

 I have a degree in psychology and a Master of  Law (MLaw) in Criminology and  Security. I created this website in 2013 as a complement to my work, the death penalty is not abolished in many countries and unfortunately many innocent people are incarcerated waiting for their execution. We are struggling to get these people out of the death row.  

U will find on this website
  • Death penalty news.
  • Scheduled executions
  • Inmates  cases (innocent or not)
  • Books,  movies
  • Studies  of psychology
U  can read my other blog Claim your Innocence World  click here
 For procedural reasons, to protect the inmate,  I remove all information that could prejudice.


  1. Dear …… (don´t know Your name),
    saw several reports about prisons in USA & Russia. Not needed to tell about my emotions.
    I immediately started to get informations and look how I could get active.
    In spite off my poor English I created blogs, wrote on Twitter & Facebook and: wrote to TV-stations in Germany, asking for send reports of prisons. And I crossposted all informations I got.
    In spite off I am not able to create a blog-site like Your´s is, I am fighting for justice for inprisoned innocent people.
    And now I come to the point: people are writing e-mails, asking for help.
    Now there is a woman whose brother is in prison, innocent.
    I experienced that prison-inmates would oft send around and their families couldn´t visit them.
    It seems they broke them all connections to a world, outside of prison.
    In this spec. case the prisoners name is: John Wesling. The family is destroyed, family-members died, it´s such a drama.
    I am in contact with Alice Willison, his sister. Here is help needed, linfe-changing needed.
    Excuse my many words, but…
    Thank You so much:
    Dr. Annamaria Grabowski (Psychologist), Germany

    1. hi, my name is Anabel, nice to meet u Dear Annamaria, thx for your comment, you dont got any answers from tv stations germany ? im gonna share u comment inis blog maybe we can do a blog about his case ?. take care Annamaria

      1. Funny how you seem to think every inmate on death row is innocent. It could be possible 1 in a thousand is. The other 999 deserve death and they deserve it in much more painful ways than lethal injection.

  2. In today’s world of DNA and forensic science, it should be a far lesser reality that people are wrongfully given a death penalty. I used to be against the Death Penalty, but I do believe that the sentence should fit the crime. So many anti-death penalty activists forget the real victims. It’s as if the people who were assaulted, murdered, attacked, raped, kidnapped etc. etc. etc. means nothing to you. It’s as if you are re-victimizing the victims. I only support the Death Penalty if it is proven that the defendant is absolutely guilty.


      1. Joan the innocent people are the VICTIMS of these murders and their families who also have a life sentence and have to live with it everyday of their lives. ” THOU SHALT NOT KILL? tell that to the men/women that have inflicted the most heinous crimes possible, on law abiding citizens.

        I also find it ironic that most of them seem to find god when theyre ready to be excecuted, these are calculated, and highly dangerous people we are talking about here.

        We all have choices in life, they made theyre choices when they decided to murder knowing that it carries the death penalty. I certainly dont want to pay 35000 a year to keep the walking dead.

  3. Dear Alison, I am living in Germany; we have no DeathPenalty, no DeathRow. It made me sick as I heard first from these facts. Perhaps You have time to read my other blogs here. Or the blog of
    Anabel: Claim your Innoncence.
    With my best:

  4. Debra Milke is unjustly on Arizona Death Row since 1991, solely convicted on the word of one former Phoenix Police Detective, Armando Saldate. She was falsely accused and convicted of having instigated the murder of her 4 y.o. son Christopher. Her purported confession was not witnessed by a third person, tape-recorded, or signed. A detailed research reveals that the story of the prosecution does not work in respect to the timeline of the police records. Also, the story of what actually happened was changed by police in order to claim that a conspiracy existed. Ever since her arrest Debra steadfastly and coherently denies having made a confession at all.

  5. Jimmy Dennis is another innocent man on death row, currently in his 21st year of incarceration for a crime he did not commit. There is no physical evidence linking him to the crime, his alibi has been confirmed, eyewitnesses described a perpetrator of 5’9” & app. 180 punds – Jimmy is 5’4” and weighed app. 130 pounds at the time; the police “lost” the murder file and clothing evidence, his case was almost oveturned because of prosecutorial misconduct … More info here: http://www.jimmydennis.org, http://www.jimmydennis.com

    Interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-other-side-of-justice/2012/08/01/the-city-of-not-so-brotherly-love-the-jimmy-dennis-case

    Petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/free-jimmy-dennis-innocent-on-death-row-2

  6. My name is Amanda Hodge My husband Shaun Hodge is currently incarcerated at Riverbend Maximum Security Inst. in Nashville Tennessee his lawyers have recently discovered new evidencane in his case..and have filed a writ of error coram novis petition in the case..my husband has been incarcerated 13 yrs. and is innocent and was wrongfully convicted anyone that would like to follow his case we’d love the support!Shaun Alexander Hodge

  7. In Pennsylvania anything is probable in the not so justice system there. the innocent may be prosecuted and the guilty go free due to the political corruption and police, DA and coroner, medical examiner that are untrained in death scene investigation. My son died from poison and the coroner refuses to allow an investigation. Their word over rules that of the DA or prosecutor. My petition is
    here:http://www.causes.com/causes/794844-regulation-of-coroner-and-medical-examiner and the blog http://www.justiceforraymond.wordpress.com
    Many thanks for what you are doing and perhaps with proper publicity we can effectively change the justice system. Contact me – I welcome participation

  8. With all due respect, after reading through many, many pages of this blog, it seems to be another anti-death penalty website that’s utterly short on facts. Being against capital punishment is a legitimate argument, but you have to have at least a basic understand of the US justice system in order to criticize it.
    The comments about the US justice system written by people from Europe (and Germany in particular it seems) display a total lack of understand about how our system works. Btw, there are several polls that show that a majority of Europeans would be in favor of reinstating the death penalty.
    The appellate process in America is very extensive; that’s why people on death row are there for 15 plus years. Since 1976, when the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty, death penalty opponents have been unable to show that even ONE innocent person was executed.
    Our system is not perfect, and being against the death penalty is fine. But all I ask is that, before you blindly claim some one is “innocent,” read the facts about the case, not just the propaganda from anti-death penalty activists, who seem to think almost everyone is innocent.
    I often feel that the obsession with America’s death penalty in Germany, in particularly, is perhaps a result of residual guilt over, you know, the slaughter of 7 million TRULY innocent people.

    1. im not german, and switzerland voted NO for the death-penalty, im not here for say german are for or against or europe or american, i inform about the death penalty in the world if u dont know i have 2 blogs 🙂 i know how many innocent are on death row in america or around the world, how many innocent are killed in war, i write with inmates on death row and they are GUILTY, but the problem u judge before to know and u dont know me. u think i dont know the law in america ? u think i’m someone who have time to spend and i say ooh i made a blog about death penalty … u are wrong. my best friend was executed, and i dont allow anyone to talk about me, or about european or everyone, we are all humans. i never pretend all is INNOCENT, and tell me where i criticize the us justice system ?? i can critize swiss justice system when something is wrong still wrong. and when i read again u comment i say u dont have read this blog.

    2. Hey Matt,

      I’m a European who is actually pro-death penalty, especially when it comes to rape/ murder of children. However, that doesn’t mean I believe no innocent people were put to death. It is disputable whether it can be proven or not, as there are at least two sides to each story. You can not honestly say that EVERY inmate put to death was guilty beyond reasonable doubt, even when the courts decided on that. Some states, like Texas, don’t really seam to care that much, as long as someone is punished. My opinion- if there is no DNA, no clear smoking gun, err on the side of caution. Life without parole in the American justice-system is probably even worse punishment, but at least it’s reversable.
      Stepping of my Dutch soapbox now… 😉

  9. Hi, I made a website for James Biela. He has Proof of his innocence on this website. He was tried and convicted by the media before he even went to trial. He was represented by a public defender that didn’t even try to defend him. So he wants to show people the things that they hid at trial. Please read! Thank you. 🙂

  10. Baird College gave college courses to guys on death row and they excelled, had new interests, gained a degree with new self esteem, and gained family pride and it lifted the spirits of these inmates.
    So this is some kind of Christian country…ask them ‘what would Jesus do’. This system is so broken as well as the spirits of inmates. We need to change the whole system and how it needs to be changed. Where is our humanity. Abolish the death penalty!.

  11. My son is in jail in Las Vegas Nevada has been for 8 months now they drug im back and forth to court about 7 to 8 different times and call them selves giving him a plea bargin and end up sentencing him to 12 to 48 months for something he didn’t do he just spent his 20th birthday in
    there and hese him a lot of problems down the road’s going to have this on his record which will
    cause him a lot of problems down the road is there anyone that anyone know whom I could contact

    Desperate Mom
    I can be contacted on my cell at 702 372-6196

  12. Hi dear,
    My name is Raaef Elwishee. I am an American man born in Egypt. My under aged son ( American born ) and I were severely tortured several times in Egypt. I was tortured naked and my 15 years old son fainted two times.
    Four officials from the U.S Embassy in Cairo were present while we were tortured. That was in 2007. Senator Obama knew the details of the case and sent three letters to me. Now, President Obama – the man who knows of my story – is refusing to give me justice. In addition, I have been terrified by some secret agents to close my mouth. All details and documents are published on my blog : http://www.thowarmisr.com ( press top left for English )
    I have been trying alone for five years to have justice but it is not working. Is there any lawyer to help me ?.
    facebook and twitter are inside the blog
    Thank you

  13. Was wondering if anyone had ever looked in the case of Terry Chamberlain Bradford County, PA. He was scheduled to be executed on Oct. 9 but was stayed because of appeals. The family has tried to get justice for both parents. This case has soo many holes in it and now when they want to test the blood and other stuff that was found at the scene they can’t because all of a sudden everything is missing. This man has always maintained his innocent and alot of people have backed him on this. 1. the only thing real thing that supposedly connected him was a phone called Sherry made to her neighbor saying terry shot me. But the sheriff never tracked the phone to see what the last call was made on the phone. Instead he used it to call the corner. Even doctors have states that Sherry could not have made the phone call as the first shot was fatal.

  14. Dominik Kocher A9147CX
    HMP Altcourse L9 7LH Liverpool, 20/03/14


    Dominik Kocher my husband of 16 years and father of our 3 children, has been convicted & sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years for Christophe Borgye’s. We’ll make appeal of this conviction as
    Dominik Kocher is INNOCENT
    He has been convicted on circumstantial suspicions (explained by Dominik himself during the trial).
    There was no DNA, forensic evidences, fingerprints etc…as my husband was not there when the crime has been committed.He was not living in the murder house but in our family house!
    The murder of Christophe Borgye has been committed by Sebastien Bendou who confessed the crime to the police in May 2013 and pleaded guilty. Unfortunately for the police, Sebastien was taken to a mental hospital after his confession.

    We tried twice to transfer the legal aid from BDH Solicitors in Ellesmere Port whom didn’t work seriously on my husband’s case & incompetent to reliable, efficient solicitors, but we have been refused 2 times by the judge in August 2013 & January 2014.

    My husband health is at his worse and his cardiac health is very concerning.

    There are a lot of issues in my husband’s case since the start of the police investigation (blackmail, threats & lies etc…).

    My husband has been put in prison for something he didn’t do.

    Please help us, get my husband out of prison and come back to us, his family where he belongs, before it is too late.

  15. For all those supporters of the death penalty, I have this. Aside from the fact that in Texas we have executed at least 3 innocent men, aside from the fact that DNA evidence alone has freed and exonerated dozens of prisoners, and aside from the fact that our very justice system is heavily corrupted in favor of those with money and connection, even if that were not enough I say this- We should not judicially murder human beings because WE should be better than that. Yes, almost always these men and women deserve death. But do we citizens, who also have choice in our actions, act as they would, or do we act in far better ways? I say we as a society should expect better of ourselves than engaging in revenge killings. And before anybody drops that old line about how if my wife/daughter/brother/whatever were murdered I’d feel different, let me state that my wife was murdered, my father was murdered. Yet I do not feel the need to use the law to murder in return. I do not believe in killing for killing. As said Gandhi, “An eye for an eye leaves the world blind” (or close enough). I sit in Silent Witness in front of the Texas Capitol every execution day, in witness against the death penalty, in witness for the suffering of the man being killed and his family and friends, in witness to the pain and loss of the victim and his/her family and friends, in witness to the suffering of the prison staff who must deal with these men year after year and the resultant domestic abuse, alcoholism, etc that such service often brings. There is no closure, no peace, just endless waves of suffering. That is the true legacy of this penalty, nothing more.

  16. Melvin bonnell has been on death row 33 years.. how do I get help for my family he is innocent.

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