Day: March 18, 2012

DELAWARE- Execution date set for Delaware Inmate – Shannon Johnson

march 14

A Delaware death row inmate who has waived his right to all further appeals of his conviction and death sentence has been sentenced to die by lethal injection.

A Superior Court judge set an April 20 execution date for Shannon Johnson during a brief hearing Wednesday. Johnson waived his right to a requirement that the execution be held no sooner than 90 days from the sentencing date.

Johnson was sentenced to death for the 2006 murder of a man whom he found sitting in a car with Johnson’s former girlfriend. He later shot the former girlfriend, but she survived.

After the state Supreme Court upheld his conviction and death sentence, Johnson said he did not want to pursue any further appeals.

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TEXAS – Execution dates set for two death row inmates

march 16, 2012

Execution dates were set for two Bexar County death row inmates, including one who was given a reprieve last month days before his scheduled execution, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Anthony Bartee, 55, was scheduled to die on Feb. 28 but was granted a reprieve to allow for additional forensic testing. Bartee’s attorney, David Dow, sent a letter to the court arguing the new May 2 date should not have been set because the DNA testing has not been completed. He said neither he nor his client was told of a hearing to set a new date, the letter said.

Bartee was convicted in the August 1996 robbery-murder of his friend David Cook.

An execution date of Nov. 14 was set for Ramon Hernandez, 40. Hernandez was convicted in the 2002 rape and murder of Rosa Rosado, 37, according to TDCJ.

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Some words from me

I started this blog February 28, 2012, when I started a lot of people pissed me off, telling me that I wanted to make money on the backs of those condemned to death, it was not a game, because I was “new”, that these people had never heard about me., and that’s the problem they did not know me ! they actuates the same way that the causes they claim to defend, they judged without knowing and without trying to know. I am perhaps more involved than they think, I am 39 years old, and for years I have read and I have corresponded with people in death row, when these people have been carried out, this hurts, and I say we have done anything for that person, especially when you live in Europe, maybe I was too young at that time. But, I thought about every day. People living in America, do not even care that innocent people may be killed in the death row, that these people behind bars were abused, beaten, that human rights are violated every day. And we can come and tell me it’s not a game. when I made a page on a case of innocence, they tell me you do not have the right, you have deleted this page. 

When these same people are trying to share this case, what’s wrong with them? I removed the page but I also deleted all contacts that were relevant to this case. I’m not sad for them but for the person who is innocent in the death row. It’s been two weeks I was working on blog and more than 1,000 people came to read articles, or information on all media that I read every day, on which appeals are in progress, I wonder about some case of a possible miscarriage of justice. I should have perhaps done before, but maybe it does have a certain maturity to undertake. I thank my sister Sandra who supports me and encourages me not to let the people who criticize me, abandoned those innocents who need us, because we are their voices. So instead of wasting time was pissed off about a person, that lost time will be more useful to defend people,humans should be free, and enjoying life.
Anabel Fernandez
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