Determinate Sentences for IPP Prisoners

IPP is inhumane, against human rights and breaches Human Rights Act 1998 Article 3 Prohibition of Torture – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
IPP stands for Indeterminate sentence for Public Protection – What this actually means is if you were to go to court and receive a 2 year sentence, 3 years, 4 years, etc….. with IPP you could be imprisoned for up to 99 years.At the moment it is still up to the prisoner to prove that they are safe for release which is what makes it impossible as you cannot prove you are safe to release as you are in prison.It is then up to a parole board to decide if they feel you are ready to be released back in to society, so prisoners and their families do not know IF or WHEN they will EVER be released, this in itself is mental TORTURE, DEGRADING & INHUMANE.There are currently over 3,200 prisoners that are over their tariff which is costing £41,000 each year for each prisoner to remain in prison.
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One comment

  1. The sentence is a disgrace. The longer the person over tariff the more they are brainwashed,,I should know, my son five year over a two and half year tariff,and he still in jail. So I see the change. They won’t be happy till he’s fully programmed like a robot, its inhumane what they have done, I am so angry now, is nothing but torture both to my son and me ,

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