US – Wrongful convictions should bring maximum compensation, judge rules

Wrongful convictions should bring maximum compensation, judge rules.

Three men who were wrongfully convicted of murdering an alleged crack dealer near Westwego in 1992 are entitled to the maximum $250,000 in compensation allowed by law for the years they spent in prison, a state judge ruled Thursday. Glenn Davis of Marrero, Larry Delmore Jr. of New Orleans and Terrence Meyers of Avondale, all about 40 years old, spent up to almost 16 years in prison for their second-degree murder convictions in the Aug. 3, 1992, death of Samuel George, 34, who was gunned down while standing at Cabildo Lane and East Claiborne Parkway.

Davis would be entitled to $344,792 for the 13 years and 9 1/2 months he spent in prison, Murphy found. Delmore and Meyers were imprisoned 15 years and two months, for a total of $379,167, Murphy ruled.

I ask you: does 250’00 dollars can they make up 13 years of life lost? I do not think money can give 13 years of a life, you can not buy a ”miscarriage of justice”. They can not redeem the pain of being an innocent man in prison, and scars inside that person will keep forever

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