TEXAS – Last hour of George Rivas- execution February 29, 2012 – EXECUTED 6.22 p.m

Last statement

Yes, I do. First of all for the Aubrey Hawkins family, I do apologize for everything that happened. Not because I am here, but for closure in your hearts. I really believe that you deserve that. To my wife, Cheri, I am so grateful you’re in my life. I love you so dearly. Thank you to my sister and dear friend Katherine Cox, my son and family, friends and family. I love you so dearly. To my friends, all the guys on the row, you have my courtesy and respect. Thank you to the people involved and to the courtesy of the officers. I am grateful for everything in my life. To my wife, take care of yourself. I will be waiting for you. I love you. God Bless. I am ready to go

Aubrey Hawkins, the police officer killed by t...

Aubrey Hawkins, the police officer killed by the Texas Seven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5:59p George Rivas will be strapped to a gurney, arms extended, and an IV for the lethal injection will be inserted in both arms. Once He’s strapped down, the warden will call for witnesses to enter the two observation rooms.

5:58p Once witnesses are in place, guards will ask George Rivas if he wants to make a final statement. He said he did.

5:48p Guards move George Rivas from his holding cell, 15 feet to the execution chamber. The lethal injection procedure is scheduled to begin a few minutes after six o’clock.

5:22p One of George Rivas’ four witnesses did not appear for his execution. Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins will attend instead.

5:03p Three drugs are used in the lethal injection cocktail. That used to cost about $86, but the price has recently skyrocketed to more than $1,300 because the state has been forced to resort to a more expensive substitute for one of the drugs being used.

5:01p “I met with him a few minutes ago along with the warden and the chaplain, and Rivas stated that he’s… all these years he’s made it clear that he’s ready to go,” said Jason Clark, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. “He did say that he was going to make a last statement.” Rivas is said to have made several personal calls from a phone provided by the prison, He asked five friends to witness his lethal injection.

4:50p More than 15 Irving police officers are standing outside the Walls Unit where George Rivas will soon be executed for killing Irving Officer Aubrey Hawkins on Christmas Eve 2000.

4:42p The widow of Irving police Officer Aubrey Hawkins, who was killed by George Rivas, will not attend the execution. She told News 8 that she felt no closure after being present at the last execution of a Texas 7 gang member in 2009.

4:40p George Rivas was served barbequeue chicken for his final meal, just like the other inmates at the Walls Unit.

4:30p George Rivas’ appeals have all been denied. Clemency is denied. The state says attorneys for the convicted killer do not plan a last-minute challenge to the scheduled 6 o’clock execution.


    1. Yeah I know he was a very smart dude! I’ve did a little research on George myself and I dont understand when he went to court and beat his Robbery case why didnt he stop Robbing then. He knew the stakes were high especially in texas but he didn’t stop untill he got caught again. And thats when they threw the book at him!

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  1. And I would like to apologize for my asshole mother for saying stupid shit when she was interviewed after I was smoked. I spoke to her when she got to heaven and slapped her around a little. Stupid bitch.

  2. May God rest the souls of all involved……..and those in charge of death penalty will all burn in hell. Say what u will about “justice” no life is more valuable than the next…..retaliation is not gods work.

  3. I honestly believe that years from now, we will look back at a time when the death penalty was legal and wonder how society could accept such a barbaric and inhuman punishment. The fact that the criminal may have killed doesn’t justify murder. And, don’t kid yourself, the death penalty is murder. It’s not justice, it’s revenge. I’m proud to live in a country where it is not an option, Canada. That’s not to say that some uninformed Canadians support it. Its not a deterrent to crime. Those who condone it may feel better but only because of their twisted sense of justice, uneducated ideas and typically don’t think for themselves. They are pro death penalty because their parents, friends or family are or it is the populat opinion in their little world. Except for those hellbent on revenge, it doesn’t bring closure to the victims families. There is just nothing positive to say about a society that makes killing legal. Someday in the future, that will be so apparent that it will seem almost unbelievable that an entire society once allowed it. It may take 100 years or more, but my hope is we will evolve into a kinder and more compassionate human race. I feel sad that George was killed. He was a born leader and so so smart. Surely a society as advanced as we think we are, could find a better solution other than offing the man. He sure did screw up a lot though.

    1. I second that Lisa. George Rivas’ life should have been spared. He was a highly talented man, exceptionally smart and he possessed strong leadership skills.

    2. i dont feel any necessity to say anything positive about the guy,but Lisa Thomas aside from that i couldnt have put what you said any better

    3. It’s a good thing you live in Canada you fucking pussy. Stay up there with the rest of the bitches in Canada. We don’t want you here. It’s true that it’s not a deterrent but it scares the hell out of inmates while they’re on death row. And it’s not inhumane. 5 minutes the inmate is knocked out and 15 minutes they’re dead. The botched executions you hear about aren’t the medical teams fault. When a person gets scared their veins shrink and it becomes hard to find them that’s why needles don’t get in or go all the way thorough. It’s justice at the highest level that’s why it’s only handed for the worst of the worst.

      1. Although you are clearly proud to live in the US you obviously know very little about capital punishment. You stated at the end of your comment ‘that’s why it’s only handed out to the worst of the worst’, so you obviously don’t even know about the law of parties in Texas? And the fact that they execute people without any shred of physical evidence in this day and age is an absolute disgrace in my opinion

  4. All the liberals say the same thing over and over….poor George, blah blah blah. Notice how amid all their sympathy and concern for the killer, they NEVER have a sympathetic word about the victim or his family. All they have time for is licking the evil guy’s ass. I say….thank God the great state of Texas is still taking out the trash. And the idiot that used Aubrey Hawkins name and disrespected the man…..fuck you ass hole.

  5. God Bless the family of the slain officer. Rivas wasted a lot of talent. As I listened to his history and observed his calculated, methodical dialogue with his interviewer the thought struck me that there was a man that had nerve, fortitude, clear-headedness and intelligence. If his morality had been a bit stronger I could see him being one hell of a military/special forces operator, or maybe a very strong example for young men to follow. Instead, he took the easy way and bowed to crime and fast money. As tragic a figure as I’ve seen in a while. That poor officer deserved better, and Rivas knew it. He had to pay for what he did, and he did, but I can’t deny the admirable traits that George Rivas possessed. Too bad he didn’t let them shine through.

  6. if rivas was so smart how come he got caught and couldnt beat the system. he was a piece of shit and no one gives a crap about him. hes forgotten!

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