Three death row inmates ask Mississippi Supreme Court to stop June executions

May 21, 2012 Source :

JACKSON, Mississippi — Three men have asked the Mississippi Supreme Court to stop them from being executed in June.

State Attorney General Jim Hood asked earlier this month that justices set execution dates for Henry Curtis Jackson Jr., Gary Carl Simmons Jr. and Jan Michael Brawner on June 12, 13 and 14, respectively.

Lawyers for Simmons and Brawner told the state court, in briefs filed Monday, that they should get fresh shots at proving earlier lawyers hadn’t done enough to pass legal muster. Jackson’s lawyer said Monday that he needs more time to prepare a petition asking to Gov. Phil Bryant to spare Jackson’s life.

Hood’s office replied that Brawner’s arguments all have been previously rejected, and that he shouldn’t be allowed to restate them. Hood hasn’t yet replied to Simmons and Jackson.


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