Day: May 5, 2012

Our help is needed, plz take 5 min of your time

i share again with u all,  a comment i got on the blog

from curi56  blog’link :

Dear …… (don´t know Your name),
saw several reports about prisons in USA & Russia. Not needed to tell about my emotions.
I immediately started to get informations and look how I could get active.
In spite off my poor English I created blogs, wrote on Twitter & Facebook and: wrote to TV-stations in Germany, asking for send reports of prisons. And I crossposted all informations I got.
In spite off I am not able to create a blog-site like Your´s is, I am fighting for justice for inprisoned innocent people.
And now I come to the point: people are writing e-mails, asking for help.
Now there is a woman whose brother is in prison, innocent.
I experienced that prison-inmates would oft send around and their families couldn´t visit them.
It seems they broke them all connections to a world, outside of prison.
In this spec. case the prisoners name is: John Wesling. The family is destroyed, family-members died, it´s such a drama.
I am in contact with Alice Willison, his sister. Here is help needed, linfe-changing needed.
Excuse my many words, but…
Thank You so much:
Dr. Annamaria Grabowski (Psychologist), Germany


may 5 , 2012 by Execution Watch

LIVINGSTON, Texas — A prisoner on death row has filed a class-action lawsuit against Gov. Rick Perry and other officials for inhumane and unconstitutional living conditions, the nonprofit group Descending Eagles announced Friday.

Among the abuses alleged in the suit are:
— taking away wheelchairs from those who cannot walk,
— denying mental and physical health care,
— being held in solitary confinement for over ten years without any legal justification based on their conduct,
— dangerously unsafe living conditions, including inadequate nutrition and exercise,
— denial of adequate access to telephones,
— destruction and loss of necessary legal documents,
— denial of religious freedom
— denial of fair administrative process,
— failure to timely deliver mail including legal correspondence

The suit, which also names state Sen. John Whitmire and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, identifies as the plaintiff death row prisoner Thomas Whitaker of Fort Bend County.

Descending Eagles, the Austin-based nonprofit that helps death row prisoners and their families, said there have been acts of retaliation by TDCJ toward men who have been a part of the suit or similar litigation.