TEXAS – Bobby Lee Hines – Execution DELAYED

may 21, 2012 Source : http://www.chron.com

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — The execution of a man early next month for the slaying of a Dallas woman at her apartment more than 20 years ago has been delayed.

Dallas County prosecutors asked a judge to withdraw the June 6 execution date for 39-year-old Bobby Lee Hines because results of additional DNA testing in his case won’t be available by then. District Court Judge Don Adams in Dallas approved the request Friday.

Hines was convicted of the 1991 murder of 26-year-old Michelle Wendy Haupt. She was stabbed with an ice pick and strangled.

Hines was 19 at the time and on probation for a burglary conviction. He was staying with the apartment complex maintenance man who lived next door to the victim and had access to all the keys in the development.


  1. The DNA from the nail clippings of the victim Michelle Wendy Haupt will seal the fate of her killer Bobby Lee Hines when they conconclusively establish his guilt.

  2. maybe you should read what the experts are saying about the skin that was found under Wendy’s nails

  3. Enough with the delays already! Not only has he previously proven that he is a menace to society but he is GUILTY! Wendy did not deserve to die — He on the other hand does. Strap him down, shoot him up and save my tax dollar money.

  4. They’ve already said the skin under her nail that was thought to be Bobby’s didn’t match to his dna profile!

  5. “Thou shalt not kill.”

    You may have heard this before, have you? Maybe Bobby killed that woman, but do you really think that the society has the right to violate against this Commandment too?

    Killing him instead of putting him on life sentence leaves the society as killers too. Having in mind that Americans call themselves Christians and that many politicians and citizens fight against fanatic muslims, I just want to ask you: Who’s the fanatic now? Now thanks for the bigotry!

    1. Your exactly right. Most of these people that cheer for the death penalty are also warmongers or just simply, fake Christians.

  6. All you Bobby supporters are either idiots or just zealots. The DNA matches and Bobby will die now. The world will be in balance, he forfeited his life when he strangled and stabbed that poor girl. It’s justice, two wrongs don’t make a right, but it damn well makes us even

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