Luka Magnotta’s Lawyer Doesn’t Want Psychiatric Evaluation For Alleged Cannibal, Necrophiliac

June 21, 2012 Source :

MONTREAL — A Canadian porn actor accused of dismembering his Chinese lover and mailing his body parts around the country appeared in person before a judge for the first time and requested a trial by jury.

The parents of Luka Magnotta’s alleged victim watched on a video screen at the Thursday hearing.

Magnotta’s lawyer did not seek a psychiatric evaluation for his client at the hearing in Montreal, even though the defense team had said it would. Defense attorney Luc Leclair offered no explanation about why no evaluation was requested.

Magnotta, 29, has pleaded not guilty to five charges, including first-degree murder, in the death of university student Jun Lin.

The hearing focused on setting the date for Magnotta’s next court appearance. The suspect was told he would face a preliminary hearing in March when evidence against him will be disclosed.

That means it will be well into next year before the trial starts in a case that horrified Canadians and sparked an international manhunt that led to Magnotta’s arrest in Berlin earlier this month.

Jean-Pascal Boucher of the Quebec prosecutors’ office said it was “normal delay” and the court date was “relatively soon considering the availability of both counsel and the judge and room.”

Leclair asked for trial by jury, which would take longer than a trial before a judge. He also told Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer he was concerned his client wasn’t receiving proper care.

“I want to express my concern for his physical well-being and his mental well-being,” Leclair said.

The judge agreed to make a request to ensure that Magnotta received medication, but he placed a publication ban on the type of medication.

Magnotta’s physical appearance in court was a surprise. Security around the suspect has been very strict, and he entered his plea of not guilty via videoconference at his arraignment Tuesday.

Wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, Magnotta kept his eye on the judge from behind a glass partition, flanked by two guards. Four other guards stood outside the glass box.

Lin’s parents, who traveled to Canada from China upon learning of their son’s death, watched the proceedings on a screen in a separate room, Boucher said.

The case emerged after a package containing a severed foot was opened at Canada’s ruling Conservative Party headquarters on May 29. Other body parts were later found at a postal facility, a garbage dump outside Magnotta’s apartment building in Montreal, and in packages mailed to two schools in Vancouver.

Investigators say Magnotta posted a video online showing him having sex with the dismembered corpse. A second, unedited version of the video seen by police shows him eating parts of the body.

DNA tests have confirmed that all the body parts belong to Lin, a Chinese national studying computer science at Concordia University. His head is still missing.

Luka Magnotta Pleads Not Guilty To Dismembering Lover On Video

Update June 20, 2012 Source :


Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor accused of dismembering his Chinese lover, having sex with and eating his corpse on video, and then mailing his body parts to schools, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to five charges, including first-degree murder.

In his first court appearance since his extradition from Germany to Montreal, the 29-year-old Magnotta entered a plea by videoconference from a Montreal detention center, CBS News reported.

Magnotta’s lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, asked that Magnotta undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he’s criminally responsible for the killing. The court will consider the request on Thursday.

The porn actor allegedly killed his lover and roommate, 33-year-old Jun Lin, and sent his hands and feet to Canada’s political parties and two schools. Cops are still looking for Lin’s head.

Investigators say that a video recorded by Magnotta shows him having sex with Lin’s corpse and eating part of it.

The videos and body parts started a worldwide manhunt for Magnotta. He was arrested this month in Germany.

Luka Rocco Magnotta Update: Police Search For Victim’s Head

June 19,2012 Source :

Luka Magnotta

MONTREAL — A Canadian porn actor accused of dismembering his Chinese lover and mailing the body parts to political parties and schools pleaded not guilty Tuesday to five charges including first degree murder.

Luka Magnotta entered his plea before a judge via videoconference from a Montreal detention center. It was his first hearing since being extradited to Canada under very tight security from Germany, where he was arrested after an international manhunt.

His lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, requested that Magnotta be evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine his criminal responsibility. The court will consider that request Thursday.

Magnotta, 29, is suspected of killing Jun Lin, a 33-year-old a computer science student at Concordia University, and sending his feet and hands to Canada’s top political parties and two schools. The head is still missing, and police said they would ask Magnotta where it is.

Investigators say Magnotta also posted a video online showing him having sex with the dismembered corpse. A second, unedited version of the video seen by police shows him eating parts of the body. Police say Magnotta and Lin were in a relationship.

During the hearing, Magnotta stood silently between two guards, handcuffed and wearing a brown shirt. He said just one word to his defense lawyer. Panaccio told his client that he hoped to speak with him later Tuesday.

“If you wish to call me at home tonight, I’d be pleased to talk about this,” Panaccio told Magnotta.

“Okay,” the suspect replied before being led away to detention.

His appearance lasted about three minutes.

Magnotta faces charges including first-degree murder, defiling a corpse, threatening the prime minister and using the mail system for delivering “obscene, indecent, immoral or scurrilous” material.

Prosecutor Helene DiSalvo said authorities will meet with Lin’s family, who traveled to Canada after hearing of his death. She said finding the head is important to both the case and the victim’s family.

The case became known when a package containing a severed foot was found at Canada’s ruling Conservative Party headquarters on May 29. That same day, a hand was discovered at a postal facility, addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase at a garbage dump in Montreal outside Magnotta’s apartment building.

About a week later, the missing foot and hand were found mailed to two schools in Vancouver. Police said notes were included in most of the packages but declined to say what they said.

Magnotta, who fled to Canada before the killing was discovered, spent a few days partying in Paris before moving on to Berlin, where he was caught earlier this month as he read stories about himself at an Internet cafe.

He did not contest his extradition from Germany and arrived Monday in Montreal on a military plane.

Police called the Canadian military flight an extraordinary measure. Police said preliminary checks with private airlines suggested it would be difficult to use a standard commercial carrier to get Magnotta home. Among the problems: the airline would have had to vacate an entire section of seats around the suspect.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Tuesday that China was monitoring developments and hoped that there would be justice to give “the victim a result that can have him rest in peace.”


Luka Rocco Magnotta on his way to Canada

June 18, 2012 Source :

MONTREAL – Luka Rocco Magnotta, the prime suspect in the killing and dismemberment of Montreal student Lin Jun, is on his way back to Canada. Magnotta flew out of Berlin Monday morning aboard a Canadian Air Force jet, in the custody of officers from the Montreal police force.

Magnotta was removed from Berlin by a Canadian military transport, Canada’s department of justice and department of public security confirmed in a joint statement released Monday morning.

“Our government’s co-operation with the international community has led to this individual being swiftly returned to face justice. It is important that Canadians can have confidence that those who are accused of serious crimes will face the full force of the law.

“The government of Canada thanks the government of Germany for their swift and decisive action in this matter. Canada values the co-operation of its international partners in the fight against crime.”

The statement did not say where Magnotta is being flown to, or when he will arrive in Montreal.

Magnotta is accused of killing Lin, a 33-year-old student from China studying computer science at Concordia University, on May 24 or 25. He is also suspected of videotaping the murder scene in his apartment and posting it to the Internet, and sending body parts to the headquarters of the Conservative and Liberal parties in Ottawa, and two Vancouver-area schools, before fleeing for Paris on May 26.

The discovery of Lin’s remains behind Magnotta’s apartment building on May 29 sparked an international manhunt. It culminated with Magnotta being recognized and apprehended without a fight as he read stories about himself in an Internet café in Berlin on June 4. Magnotta did not attempt to fight extradition to Canada.

The ministries of justice and public safety said they would issue no further comment as the matter is now pending before the courts.

Luka Magnotta Case: Body Parts Sent To Vancouver Schools Confirmed As Jun Lin

June 13, 2012 Source :

TORONTO — Police say DNA results confirm that the body parts mailed to two Vancouver schools last week belong to the Chinese student who was killed and dismembered in Montreal.

Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said Wednesday that all the body parts match. A foot and a hand were also mailed to two of Canada’s top political parties in Ottawa.

Police suspect Luka Magnotta of killing Jun Lin and posting a video online that shows him having sex with the dismembered corpse. Magnotta was caught in Berlin last week and is facing extradition.

One of Lin’s feet and a hand were mailed to two schools last week. His head is still missing.

Luka Rocca Magnotta case: Vigil announced for Lin Jun

June 13, 2012 Source :

Thursday's memorial to slaying victim Lin Jun is being organized by friends who announced it on a Facebook tribute page and on Twitter.

MONTREAL – A candlelight vigil will be held Thursday evening in memory of Lin Jun, the victim of a “devastating” dismemberment slaying his family says not only shook them but society as a whole.

The vigil is to be held at 9 p.m. at Dorchester Square, at Peel St. and René Lévesque Blvd. The site is a few blocks from Concordia University, where Lin studied computer science and engineering.

Thursday’s memorial is being organized by friends who announced it on a Facebook tribute page and Twitter.

The vigil was announced after Lin’s family released a heartfelt letter to the public on Tuesday expressing their gratitude for the support they’ve received since their son was killed.

“Everyone has showed great sympathy and compassionate support to help to make things easier for us,” they said. “We are deeply touched by the kindness inspired by this human tragedy.”

Lin’s torso was discovered in a suitcase outside a working-class apartment building in Montreal on May 29. A hand and foot were mailed to political parties in Ottawa and another hand and foot were later delivered to schools in Vancouver.

The slaying of Lin sparked an international manhunt which led to the arrest in Berlin last week of Luka Rocco Magnotta, a porn actor and model who police said was acquainted with the Chinese student. He is charged with first-degree murder in Lin’s death.

Lin’s grieving parents, sister and uncle arrived in Montreal last week to settle his affairs and bring his body back to China for burial.

In the meantime, a fund was created to pay for their expenses and an award was announced to keep Lin’s memory alive.

“It is our wish to take this opportunity to turn a devastating situation into something positive that brings the goodness and peace back to society,” the family wrote in the letter.

A small shrine was set up after his death near Concordia by the statue of Norman Bethune, a Canadian surgeon who became a Chinese hero because of his work in their country. Other messages of sympathy have been posted in the convenience store where Lin worked.

In the letter, his family said his killing had been a brutal blow to them.

“This tragic loss is not only a devastating attack to our family, but also has had a tremendous impact on the whole society. Love and trust must be rebuilt.”

Lin’s parents quoted his friends, who described him as optimistic, ambitious and open-minded.

“Jun Lin was our beloved son,” the family wrote in the letter. “As the only son in the family, he was our pride and hope. Jun Lin believed in Buddhism. He was very kind and always helping others. To his parents, he was a loving and considerate son. To his sister, he was a big brother who was always there for her.”

Lin was also remembered as a keen student and model employee at the convenience store where he worked.

The family also called for the extradition of his alleged killer back to Canada “to bring justice and peace to our family, the Chinese community and the whole society.

“To commemorate Jun Lin, please let us remember his kindness, diligence and love of life,” the family concluded.

Luka Rocco Magnotta video shown to students, teacher suspended

June 13, 2012 Source :

MONTREAL—A teacher has been suspended by a Montreal school for showing high-school students the infamous video that shows a killing allegedly committed by Luka Rocco Magnotta.

The teacher showed the students the grotesque scenes on June 4 and was immediately suspended that afternoon — with pay.

Staff at Cavelier-De LaSalle High School in Montreal’s west end say they quickly informed students that a team of psychologists was available to deal with any problems students might have had as a result of seeing the video.

The teacher apparently apologized to the school by email and is now scheduled to lay out his version of the facts before a labour-relations board today.

“We condemn with one voice the actions of the teacher who showed students a video whose content was as inappropriate as it was offensive,” the school board said in a statement Wednesday.

“The incident is being taken very seriously.”

Magnotta, a male escort and porn actor originally named Eric Newman, is awaiting extradition from Germany and faces murder charges in the slaying of Chinese exchange student Jun Lin.

A memorial is planned in Montreal for Lin tomorrow night.

A video circulating on the Internet — called 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick — is believed by authorities to show Lin’s murder in Montreal several weeks ago.

It shows someone stabbing a man and dismembering him. It then shows the killer committing acts of sex and cannibalism on parts of the corpse.

Another Montreal high-school teacher, speaking to The Canadian Press, says he has heard from several of his students who have watched the video at home and immediately regretted it.

Canada – Luka Rocco Magnotta likely to be extradited from Germany by end of June

June 07 , 2012 Source :

BERLIN – German prosecutors said Thursday the Canadian porn star accused of the grisly killing and dismemberment of a Chinese student in Montreal last month will likely be extradited by the end of June.

“We hope that he can be extradited by the end of the month,” a spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner, told AFP following the arrest of Luka Rocco Magnotta in the German capital on Monday.

Steltner said the first official step in the extradition procedure should be taken later Thursday.

Luka Rocco Magnotta

Luka Rocco Magnotta

“Berlin prosecutors will submit the extradition request for Luka Rocco Magnotta to Berlin’s higher regional court, which is to examine whether it complies with the law,” he said.

If the court upholds the legality of the request, the public prosecutor would then submit it to the German government for a routine examination of whether the penalty the suspect would face in his home country could violate his human rights, Steltner said.

Germany does not extradite to countries that have the death penalty, which Canada does not.

The 29-year-old Magnotta was picked up in a Berlin Internet cafe looking up online articles about himself after a witness tip ended a 10-day-long international manhunt while he was on the run to Paris and then Berlin.

He is awaiting extradition to face charges in Canada of murdering 33-year-old Chinese student Lin Jun, believed at one point to have been his lover.

Magnotta allegedly filmed himself on the night of May 24-25 killing Lin with a pickaxe and dismembering the body before sending a foot and a hand to the headquarters of Canadian political parties, including the ruling Conservatives.

Canadian police said Wednesday they were probing a macabre new twist in the case after further body parts sent from Montreal turned up at Vancouver schools. It was not immediately clear whether the limbs belonged to Lin.

A torso, which has been identified as belonging to Lin, was discovered in a suitcase outside Magnotta’s apartment building, but his head and his second hand and foot were all unaccounted for before Tuesday.

A series of new videos from Magnotta – likely filmed after the murder – have surfaced on the Internet and appear to be authentic, according to police.

In one, posted on the video-sharing site YouTube, a seemingly cavalier Magnotta is seen smoking and says, “what’s up and hi to all my fans,” while Madonna’s song “La Isla Bonita” plays in the background.

Police called the initial video showing the murder “sordid” and said the crime scene was virtually covered in blood.

Lin had been studying computer science in Montreal before his gory death.

His grieving parents, accompanied by his sister and uncle, arrived in Montreal late Tuesday from China to meet with Chinese diplomats, police and university administrators, the Chinese consulate told AFP.

Vancouver police said the packaging and addresses on the boxes sent to two schools there, in the far west of the country, were similar to those on the parcels discovered at the political offices in eastern Canada.

Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafreniere told reporters that a note was included with one package sent to a Vancouver school, as well as one of the packages delivered to Ottawa, but did not discuss the contents of the notes.

After a warrant was issued for Magnotta’s arrest, local media reported that a note sent with a severed foot to Conservative Party headquarters indicated that more body parts had been sent in the mail, and that the person who dismembered the victim would kill again.

Magnotta, who has been dubbed the “Canadian Psycho” and the “Butcher of Montreal, fled Canada on May 26, initially to Paris, before boarding a bus to Berlin on Friday.

Canadian authorities said he will face charges of first-degree murder and committing indignities to a body. He is also expected to be charged with publishing and mailing obscene matter to Canadian politicians.

Magnotta, who has worked as a bisexual porn star and as a gay prostitute called “Angel,” has changed his name and used several aliases. He had several fraud convictions on his record.

A series of judge-imposed conditions reportedly banned him from owning or using a camera or a computer, and from accessing the Internet.

Germany’s daily Bild, reporting on Magnotta’s past, said he was a high school graduate who had grown up with his grandparents.


I ask  : Magnotta will not fight for his extradition, it seems normal because Canada no longer practices the death penalty. In such cases, is – what Canada should reconsider to reinstall the death penalty ? What do u think ? 

US – CANADA Luka Rocco Magnotta Case, canadian killer cannibal and necrophiliac

June 8, 2012 Source :

Now that accused Canadian cannibal Luka Rocca Magnotta is in custody, and body parts of his alleged victim have turned up at several locations, new questions about whether Magnotta could be a suspect in similar crimes have emerged.

In January, body parts were found strewn near the iconic Hollywood sign in California. With no suspect for that crime, even though it happened nearly 3,000 miles from where Magnotta is accused of dismembering a 33-year-old college student, some news organizations have speculated that the cases are connected.

But retired FBI agent Harold Copus laughed off this supposed connection. “There is also a possibility that martians could be responsible,” he told the Huffington Post.

He said he is not trying to make light of the situation, but indicated that the reports are overreaching.

On May 29, 33-year-old Jun Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase near Magnotta’s apartment. Later that morning, authorities were called to the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada to investigate a suspicious package. Inside, they found Jun’s severed foot. Another body part –– Jun’s severed hand –– was found that night inside a package at the Ottawa Postal Terminal. The package had been addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Other body parts belonging to Jun were found at the apartment building, and his right hand and foot were found earlier this week at two Vancouver schools.

A head and appendages were found in the Hollywood Hills by two dog walkers in mid-January. The victim has since been identified as 66-year-old Hervey Medellin, a local resident who often hiked the area.

Contacted by HuffPost today, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department said the agency reached out to police in Montreal, but said it was only to “determine a timeline,” which is standard procedure.

According to Copus, it is far too soon to intertwine the two cases.

“Every law enforcement agency that has a similar case is going to see if there is any possibility that this guy could be responsible for it. That is normal and law enforcement has a duty to do that,” said Copus, now head of Copus Security Consultants in Atlanta. “Nothing more should be read into any of it at this point.”

Instead, Copus said the concern at this point should be about copycats.

“Whenever something like this happens, there is always the possibility that it could inspire other troubled individuals to act out in a similar manner. They might also try to outdo the person who inspired them – and take it a step further.”

MONTANA – Canadian on death row deserves to live: co-accused – Rodney Munro

june 3, 2012 Source :

A man who was convicted along with Ronald Smith in the murder of two Montana men 30 years ago says his former partner-in-crime saved his life and deserves to live.

Rodney Munro, in an exclusive interview with The Canadian Press, has ended decades of silence and is speaking out in defence of Smith, 54, who sits on death row and whose fate is now in the hands of Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

“I thank God everyday for him,” Munro said about Smith in a telephone interview from his home in a quiet community in Western Canada.

On Aug. 4, 1982, Smith and Munro were hitchhiking in Montana when they caught a ride with Harvey Madman Jr. and Thomas Running Rabbit. Smith and Munro marched the two men into the woods and shot and stabbed them to death.

Both Canadians were charged with murder. Smith pleaded guilty to two charges of deliberate homicide and two charges of aggravated kidnapping in February 1983 and requested the death penalty. He rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors which would have given him life in prison.

He later changed his mind and asked the District Court to reconsider the death penalty. That led to three decades of legal wrangling which is almost at an end.

Munro accepted the plea bargain and pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison but was returned to Canada and released in 1998.

“It’s because of Ron that I’m out and doing as well as I am,” Munro said. “Because of what he said in court, I didn’t get the death penalty. And because of that I had a chance of actually getting out and trying to make something of myself.

“He saved my life.”

The Montana Board of Pardons and Parole has recommended that Smith not be granted clemency, even though he was described as a model prisoner during his 30 years at Montana State Prison at a hearing last month.

There was emotional testimony from both sides. Smith’s friends and family said he is a changed man who has rehabilitated himself. But the families of the victims said he deserves no mercy.

The state attorney downplayed Munro’s role in the killings and said it was Smith alone who should pay the ultimate price.

But Munro, who still speaks with Smith by phone every couple of weeks, said he was equally to blame and feels guilt about the murders.

“When you’re involved in what we were involved in, how can you not feel it? We put ourselves in a spot and two guys ended up dead and I think about it all the time,” he said quietly.

“They don’t want to know (about my role). That just brings up that he’s not the monster.

“I hate to say it this way, but it makes them feel better to think they’re killing a monster other than who he is.”

The two men had been taking 30 to 40 hits of LSD and consuming between 12 and 18 beers a day at the time of the murders.

Munro said he and Smith became friends after hanging out in the same circles and through mutual acquaintances.

“We could have been the Bobbsey twins. We kind of connected with each other and away we went. Our life revolved around booze, drugs and partying, and that’s just not who we are any more.”

Now married, employed and free of drugs and alcohol, Munro said he’s sad about what is happening to Smith.

He is also angry that the Canadian government’s support of Smith has been less than enthusiastic.

But Munro is hopeful that Schweitzer will have the political will to spare his friend’s life.

“Ron is not even close to the man he used to be. The guy has learned his lesson. I think we all have.”

Smith told his clemency hearing that he was “horrendously sorry” for his actions.

“I do understand the pain and suffering I’ve put you through,” he said to the victims’ relatives. “It was never my intent to cause any suffering for anybody. I wish there was some way I could take it back. I can’t.”

Munro wanted to send his own message to the families.

“We are just so sorry that this ever happened. If we could change it, we would, but how do you change the past?” he said.

“I think about it everyday and it’s what keeps me on the straight and narrow, making sure nothing like this will ever happen again.”