Susan Sarandon Reads Richard Glossip’s Statement (via Sister Helen Prejean) on The Dr. Phil Show

Actress Susan Sarandon read this message from Richard Glossip on The Dr. Phil Show on Monday, August 31, 2015:

Mr. Van Treese’s death was a horrible thing, and something no family should have to go through. But I did not murder him. And yet that’s what the State of Oklahoma is going to do to me. I have to ask: How does murdering another innocent man make things better? I also have a family who should not have to suffer through that; they should not have to see their father, their brother, their uncle killed. That is not justice.

I have been fighting for my innocence for 18 years. I now understand how important my fight is, not just for myself but for everyone facing the death penalty for something they didn’t do. I’m not doing this for myself alone. I hope and pray that my eventual exoneration will help others, and that this country will finally realize just how broken our system is, and how easy it is to make mistakes. Let me be clear, I do not want to be a martyr — I want to live — but if the worst happens, I want my death not to be in vain. If my execution ensured no other innocent man was sent to the death chamber, I am prepared to die for that cause.

I have never been in trouble with the law in my life. I have worked hard. Paid my taxes. I was a good citizen and always tried to help others. Now I have gone from doing everything right to fighting for my life. I’m asking everyone to stand up and let their voices be heard. Go and join this fight. Call Governor Fallin. We have to stand together to make a difference.

God bless you all, please know that I’m praying for you all.

Richard Glossip

One comment

  1. They all claim to be innocent. As for me, I am still waiting THIRTY YEARS LATER!!! for the serial killer of my best friend to be executed. Where were the bleeding heart celebrities the night she, or the other FIVE VICTIMS were butchered?. Who heard their cries? No one but their killer. I not only believe in the death penalty. I believe they should have 30 days to appeal and then the conviction should be carried out. I will happily start an express lane and clear out death row in less than 6 months. 10 a day sounds reasobable. And my friends killer would be the first one I put down. As for sarandon, she can go hug a tree or something. She is just another bleeding heart liberal who lost touch with the REAL WORLD years ago. She makes me sick crying out for these murdering scum. Go make another crappy movie and add a few million to her already busting at the seam bank account. She wouldn’t last 30 days in the REAL WORLD! So go climb back up in that ivory tower you preach from. Because people like me who have lost someone irreplacable to murdering scum would like to knock her old ass out! DISGUSTING!!!!!

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