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Dominik Kocher A9147CX
HMP Altcourse L9 7LH Liverpool, 20/03/14


Dominik Kocher my husband of 16 years and father of our 3 children, has been convicted & sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years for Christophe Borgye’s. We’ll make appeal of this conviction as
Dominik Kocher is INNOCENT
He has been convicted on circumstantial suspicions (explained by Dominik himself during the trial).
There was no DNA, forensic evidences, fingerprints etc…as my husband was not there when the crime has been committed.He was not living in the murder house but in our family house!
The murder of Christophe Borgye has been committed by Sebastien Bendou who confessed the crime to the police in May 2013 and pleaded guilty. Unfortunately for the police, Sebastien was taken to a mental hospital after his confession.

We tried twice to transfer the legal aid from BDH Solicitors in Ellesmere Port whom didn’t work seriously on my husband’s case & incompetent to reliable, efficient solicitors, but we have been refused 2 times by the judge in August 2013 & January 2014.

My husband health is at his worse and his cardiac health is very concerning.

There are a lot of issues in my husband’s case since the start of the police investigation (blackmail, threats & lies etc…).

My husband has been put in prison for something he didn’t do.

Please help us, get my husband out of prison and come back to us, his family where he belongs, before it is too late.


  1. Hard to believe its lies, when Dom told us he was professional footballer and top chef, ooh an also dying if he never had a transplant!

  2. Lies? You have got to be kidding me…your husband is as guilty as the kray twins and they just cracked on with there sentences. there’s a thing in life called evidence and his conviction is based on the masses stacked against him. Only victim is the poor lad who lost his life

  3. I think alot more lies are being told….. had no time to do anything but cook clean & look after his kids but was in everyone’s business rallied up football teams (Not Professional) managed them Never had any heart problems worked doing houses up working for white heather letting. Seb could not do anything Dom controlled him & others even to phone calls & mither them at home. Talking from experience.

  4. Have left a previous comment which has not been posted which I believe is due to it having the truth about Mr kocher. That he has committed a murder & disposed of the poor mans body, he is a very clever conniving & devious man who will do anything to save his on skin. Justice for Christophe

  5. For your information Veronique, there was no DNA evidence of Sebastien or Manuel either. So just because Dominik’s DNA wasn’t found on Christophe’s body doesn’t mean your husband wasn’t involved in the very carefully planned murder.
    As the judge said, your husband didn’t have to be the person holding the hammer that killed Christophe to be guilty of murder, if he was part of the plan to kill Christophe, then he is just as guilty of murder as the person holding the hammer. And your husband was most certainly involved in the planning of the murder. For what reason, we may never know. Besides, preventing a lawful burial of a body can carry a life sentence and there is clear evidence against your husband for that. So an appeal is pointless!

  6. Haha vero you have got to be kidding me! Dom knew about the whole thing why do you think he told me never to go in the shed. And ill health you have got to be kidding me he was playing 5 a side football every week I have pictures on my Facebook. Your sick if you want to try and get him out of prison and back around your children you should have them taken off you. And I’d be careful too because apparently you never went round to the house because you didn’t get on well with Manuel but I wonder if that was the real truth?

  7. Mon frère sebastien a été entraîné par votre mari et n’a pas commis ce meurtre tout seul, le problème ne vient pas que de lui… A méditer, ne rejetez pas la faite sur les autres. Cette pétition et tout a fait hors de sujet, ainsi qu’irrespectueux. Vous vous respectez pas vous même ainsi que nous. Réfléchissez a deux fois avant de parler!!!!!

  8. All of the above comments have shocked me a bit to be honest; I got to know Dom after he was put on remand, and the picture you guys paint is very different to the man I knew. Have I been duped too?

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