Florida’s Death Row For Women Is For Sale

march 7, 2014

You in the market for a new home? How about, instead of buying a house with a pool and a white-picket fence, you buy yourself and your family a prison that used to hold female serial killers? It’s plenty spacious! And it has a yard!


Apparently the old Broward Correctional Institution is going to be put up for sale at the end of March.


There’ll be a 60-day marketing period, of course, but then you’ll be free to own your very own 66-acre prison.

According to the Daily Business Review, Florida Department of Corrections is looking for a buyer for the prison that once held female prisoner’s sentenced to death by the state.


The FDC is even putting together advertisements and bod documents for the prison, which boasts
a 224,497-square-foot prison campus. A property appraisal is still in the works, and there’s yet to be a minimum bid range set, so if you wanna get in on this, do it now while the iron is hot!


The prison, which is located on 20421 Sheridan Street near State Road 27, was opened in 1977, but forced to close in 2012 after budget cuts.


Earlier this month, the state hired real estate brokerage house CBRE Inc. to market the prison and find a buyer.


According to Florida Department of Environmental Protection press secretary Patrick Gillespie, the property must be made available first to other state entities. After that, the county will have the chance to buy it at the appraised price.


If no one wants it then, it’s up for grabs to whoever feels like owning a prison.


And, Gillespie said, there’s virtually anything you can do with this place once it’s yours.


“If the state puts it for sale to a private bidder, there’s typically no restriction on uses,” he said. “It would just depend on the bidder.”


“Our role is really just to sell it” and “get the best value for the state,” Gillespie added.


Let’s all pool together some money and turn it into an amusement park!


SHANK-LAND would be a great name for it, we think.


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