Claim your Innocence 71’500 views, 570 posts

I want to say THANK YOU, for all my followers around the world. for all readers, 

thank you, people who follow too, “Claim your Innocence world”

I am very proud of this blog, and I hope that people can become aware of the death penalty, as we continue to execute in the world innocent people, that human rights are not respected,

I have not forgotten the victim’s family, but take another life you will does the person you have lost? and if the person is not the one who has killed, can you live with the death of another innocent person ? I can understand the pain of losing a loved one. But I think a life sentence is harsher than the death penalty because the guilty will not die and never in the same conditions as the victim.

Justice is not infallible, because justice is made ​​by human laws are made by humans and error is human


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