TEXAS – Fourth execution date set in 10-year-old Fort Worth rape-murder – Cleve Foster

June 19, 2012 Source : http://www.star-telegram.com

A former Army recruiter from Fort Worth who was granted three stays of execution in 2011 now has a fourth date: Sept. 25.

State District Judge Sharen Wilson of Fort Worth set the new date this week, according to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office. The announcement came about nine months after Cleve Foster’s scheduled date with death was stayed a third time.

Foster was convicted in 2004 of the rape-slaying of a woman in Fort Worth more than 10 years ago.

Foster has repeatedly claimed that he is innocent and that he received poor legal representation at his trial.

Foster and co-defendant Sheldon Ward were convicted of fatally shooting Nyanuer “Mary” Pal, 30, whose body was found in a ditch by workers in west Fort Worth in February 2002. Ward died in 2010 of brain cancer.

The Supreme Court’s brief order in September 2011 said the reprieve would remain in effect pending the outcome of Foster’s request for a review, known as a petition for a writ of certiorari.

The writ was denied and the reprieve was lifted, clearing the way for a fourth execution date to be set.

In January 2011, Foster won a last-minute reprieve so the justices could further review an appeal in his case. The court later denied a hearing, the reprieve was lifted, and a new date was set.

Then in April 2011, the high court again halted his execution when lawyers sought a rehearing on arguments that he was innocent and had poor legal help at his trial and in early stages of his appeal.

His lawyers returned to the high court with similar arguments that he is innocent and had previous deficient legal help, specifically asking the court to decide whether prisoners like Foster had a constitutional guarantee for a competent lawyer when he first raised claims in a state appeals court.

State lawyers said that the issues had been resolved by the courts, that the Supreme Court has ruled there’s no constitutional right to a competent state-provided lawyer for appeals, and that the last-day appeal was just another attempt to delay Foster’s punishment.

On May 31, 2011, justices declined without comment to hear Foster’s motion for a rehearing, and on June 16, for the third time, Wilson, who presided over Foster’s original 2004 trial, set an execution date.




  1. Cleve has had 3 dates with death
    I have followed this case very closely and honestly believe mr foster is guilty
    However execution?
    This does not solve anything !

  2. come on…this is absurb..IF he says hes innocent.. PROVE IT..3 stays and they cant show a bean that would prove his innocence..USA your the laughing stock of the world, its time to strap this killer to the guerney! OR ABOLISH YOUR DEATH PENALTY AND THROW THEM ALL IN PRISON FOR LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE!!

  3. Execution does not solve anything
    Perhaps if you look at backward countries and juditical systems like Iran where they hang women and children people might wake up
    Where does rehabilation come to play
    Eye for an eye and the world is blind
    There are many things to do with murders
    Make them work for their service
    Make them productive
    Check their IQ levels before you strap them to a gurney
    Execution is to easy – they just fall asleep
    Like under General anaesthetic
    I’m sure in the case of deliberate homicide the should be made pay for their crime if proven sane by hard labour not an easy injection
    Mr foster claims he was passed out when the victim had sex with him and that is how his semen was in her
    Jesus foster stop bullshitting
    Your a rapist killer and deserve hard labour for the rest of your life
    You might even lose weight fatty
    However if you are executed I hope god welcomes you and plays a video of all the nasty shit you have done so you can reflect

  4. The killer of Mary Pal died on death row from a brain tumor. Cleve Foster did not kill anyone. I have read the trial transcript. Even the judge didnt understand the jury’s decision.

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