TEXAS – Save Beunka Adams ! execution scheduled for april 26 – EXECUTED



HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS — Beunka Adams’ stay of execution is in jeopardy.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today to throw out the stay issued by a federal judge in Texarkana, a spokeswoman for Abbott said.

If the Fifth Circuit sides with Abbott, the red light for Thursday’s scheduled execution of Adams would return to green, though any ruling would be subject to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.


there are still four days to save Beunka Adams, I am convinced he is innocent, take time to read his website, and you’ll be as convinced of his innocence, a man confessed to be guilty, why is it Beunka in death row? why all these appeals were denied? Beunka why should it be executed? why the state of Texas for once does he not see that he will kill another innocent person, preferring to use taxpayers’ money than to give him the money for the time he spends in jail! The governor is a man without merit, behind his spokesmen, he prefers to kill a man to recognize that he is wrong. the court is blind, or perhaps even more corrupt nothing surprises me coming from texas! it’s time Mr. Governor Rick Perry to show that you are a man who has balls to stop this execution! it is easy to be a coward Mr. Governor, for once, think of the family of this innocent man and do your duty to stop beunka’s execution !

official website http://www.savebeunkaadams.com/

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